Saga Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan, Illustrated by Fiona Staples

Saga Vol 2 by Brian Vaughan

Rating:  ★★★1/2

I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first one.

Vol. 2 does a good job of explaining some of Marko’s personal backstory but also explaining how his relationship with Alana started. I think they are so cute together- but I don’t think they have quite as much chemistry as Yorick and 355 did in Y: The Last Man.

We still don’t know why the war started- except that it’s senseless and stupid. I did like the insight we were given into the book Alana loves and it’s writer and what it was all an allegory for.

Things I didn’t like:

Granted, readers of science fiction and fantasy are much more willing to suspend disbelief than perhaps readers of non-fantastical fiction. But there were two things in this book that I was really not willing to believe. (Minor spoilers ahead.) The planet that was an egg that hatched a giant death baby (time suck I think they called it?) in outer space. Secondly, that Lying Cat was ripped into the vacuum of space with no suit and no oxygen, The Will used his lance to save her, with no suit and no oxygen, and did in fact rescue her. I will freely admit I am no scientific expert, but in literally every book I’ve read, every movie I’ve seen- people floating out in space unprotected are pretty much DOA. There’s no heat. There’s no air. I get that this is also a fantasy and there’s magic and some of these species are aliens, but The Will seems human and there is a limit to how far I’m willing to go with this.

Lastly- there are some panels written completely in another language. It seems like a romance or romance based language- but I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t sure why they were included because I got literally nothing from them.  If I had been reading on a kindle or other electronic device and it wasn’t a graphic novel, it probably would have been fine, because translation is easy on an electronic device.  However, I’m not even sure it was an actual language?  I didn’t recognize it as one and I wasn’t going to spend time agonizing over it.  The imagery really didn’t give me any clues because it was clearly a flash back and aside from recognizing Marko I didn’t recognize the other character.

Aside from some odd narrative choices- it was quick and I still enjoyed it for the most part. I will definitely continue with the series.

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