I’m Just Not That Into This… More Wildly Unpopular Opinions

A few weeks ago for Top Ten Tuesday, the topic was: Unpopular Bookish Opinions, in which I outed myself as the only human being on the planet who really just doesn’t care about Harry Potter, and has no desire to read it.  Harry Potter isn’t the only thing I find myself on the other side of the fence on.  I’m feeling a little nihilistic today so I figured I’d give round two a go and talk about other things people love (or dislike) that I just sort of don’t (or do).

Before you get out your pitchforks (just kidding, you guys are great!) just know that I don’t fault anyone for loving or hating the things below.  People like what they like and thats what makes the world a beautiful and diverse place.


With the recent release of Avengers: Endgame (I had to google the name of this movie because that’s how little I actually care) I’ve read a lot of posts/opinions/tweets talking about what fantastic cinematic accomplishments the Marvel movies are.

And listen- maybe that’s true.  But I’ve tried to watch quite a few of these (Thor, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. etc. and on and on) and despite being told I don’t need to watch all 87 movies to understand them, when watching them, I feel like I just don’t get it, like it’s a bunch of strung together inside jokes that I wasn’t privy to.

Deadpool Joke Gif

Thor anything should be a home run for me right?  I love Vikings, I love Norse mythology… Except it turns out when you make Thor an alien from another world who’s interested in saving the Earth for some reason beyond my ken (love? was that why he cares?) my eyes glaze over and I tune out.  I tried to watch it the other day actually.  I think I lasted 30 seconds.  And Thor is played by a Hemsworth for crying out loud:


It shouldn’t have been that difficult to make me pay attention.  It was the same for Guardians of the Galaxy.  I thought to myself, I can do this, I love Chris Pratt!  Then the movie opened with a fight scene I didn’t understand and our intrepid heroes fled the galaxy and camped out somewhere and Pratt was rattling on about his missing father who was also David Hasselhoff, and I just stopped, asked myself WTF is going on here?  And promptly shut it off.  *Shrugs*  Side note: Mr. Pratt- please go back to making dinosaur movies. I enjoyed those a lot more.

Chriss Pratt Jurassic World

That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed a few of them.  Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds was amazing (I don’t think it’s a huge cinematic accomplishment, I don’t feel compelled to re-watch it ever) but it was a lot of fun.  Black Panther was a huge cinematic accomplishment, both for it’s portrayal of women and for having almost an entirely black cast, but something about even that amazing movie left me mildly unsatisfied (probably the ending- I was rooting for Killmonger all the way).

Killmonger Black Panther


Prepare yourselves for blasphemy: I love Batman.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the Batman universe is a lot more recognizable to me than anything that shows up in a Marvel movie.  I’ve seen most of the movies, watched a good portion of the cartoons, and most importantly, played a lot of the video games.  Also, Batman as a superhero feels less… far fetched to me than most other superheroes.  He’s a guy who wants to bring justice to Gotham and his superpower is money.  He wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider, he didn’t suffer accidental gamma ray exposure, he just makes more sense to me.


The villains too, often don’t have some otherworldly, freak accident reason for their powers.  Joker goes loony after traumatic events, Two Face loses his shit when some jerk throws acid in his face, the Riddler… well, he’s just obsessed and uber competitive.  My point is, most of the characters in Batman are frighteningly human.  Plus, Batman’s got the Batmobile, which kicks the shit out of Hulk smash and Thor’s hammer and Spiderwebs.  #SorryNotSorry


So while admittedly, many of the movies sort of suck, *side eyes Ben Affleck* a lot of the characters are generally more compelling.  Also, can we talk about how fucking excited I am for a Joaquin Phoenix portrayal of the Joker?  (Prays to the Hollywood gods: please don’t let this suck.)

Joker Gif Joaquin Phoenix


Here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t want to know about me: I hate shoes and I think they’re overrated.  If the world would let me, I’d go barefoot everywhere I could.  Since I can’t do that, I’ll settle for the next best thing: flip-flops.  I live in New England and wear them every day it’s not snowing.  It is my dream that one day someone will invent actual carpet-plant so I can get out of bed every morning and feel the grass on my toes.


I have nothing against Billie Eilish or Lady Gaga, and I’m not picking on them.  They’re doing their own things, and you have to respect that.  I think they’re extremely talented and have gorgeous voices.  I watch the music video Bad Guy at least once a day because I love how crazy, off-the-wall Billie Eilish is, and I love the song itself.

Duh Billie Eilish

But I tried listening to some of her other music and honestly?  It was putting me to sleep.  She recently did a concert in our area that received a lot of attention, so I was inevitably disappointed when a lot of her music didn’t line up with what I was hoping for.  As for Lady Gaga- it’s really easy for me to randomly start chanting/singing RA RA RA-RA-RA.. but most of her music just doesn’t really speak to me.  I’m not even sure I like Bad Romance, it’s just super catchy.


Guys.  I’ve tried.  Really.  I binge watched four seasons once in an effort to join the office gossip every Monday.  I read the first book and found it to be a solid four star read.  What’s most infuriating about my inability to appreciate it, is that I don’t even know why I don’t appreciate it.  It has everything I love.  Powerful female characters.  A full cast of morally grey characters.  Smart, scheming, plotting characters.  Direwolves…

Ghost Direwolf Gif

Sometimes I think maybe the scope is too big for my tiny brain.  Sometimes I think Martin, and the show, worked so hard to be unpredictable it became predictable.  Other times I think it’s that I couldn’t find a character that survived all eight seasons that I wanted to root for.  Dany annoyed me and I found the mother of dragons nonsense really bizarre.  Jon Snow was too sickly sweet.  Arya would have been great but I found her storyline (up until the last season where I hear she kicks ass) really boring.  Cersei goes beyond morally grey into just plain evil…  which probably makes her the most interesting of the four, but ugh… I. Give. Up.

Cersei Gif

I think a lot of it comes back to the fact that Game of Thrones is more about political machinations and than it is about action.  Remember that first big battle that was supposed to happen?  Remember how we were following Tyrion throughout?  Then something happens and he gets knocked out and we get a fade to black scene and Tyrion wakes up and it’s all over?  It felt really fucking lazy to me and I was super annoyed with it.  And that’s not the only time the battle scenes fade to black outside of a few one on one fight scenes like The Mountain vs The Viper (which by the way, is one of those super predictable while trying to be unpredictable moments I’m referring to).

The Viper vs The Mountain Game of Thrones

I’m sure History Channel’s Vikings doesn’t have half the budget of Game of Thrones, probably not even a fourth.  But they still manage to pull off awesome battle scenes at least every three episodes.  Sure it’s just people with axes and swords running around in a field, but they’re exciting, well done, and keep me engaged in the show.  Furthermore, since they’re willing to kill off main characters without making a point of it, the show is significantly less predictable.  Further-further-more, the characters themselves are unpredictable.  I mean, we all knew Rollo was not a nice guy, but who really saw his story arc coming?  Not this girl.  I’m still salty about it.

Vikings Battle Gif


Cars should all look this cool.

1970 Dodge Challenger

Also, cars should only come in one color.  Black.

But seriously- it’s not that I care about “made in America” or GDP growth… (although that’s nice) I just like the style of most American cars better.  Sure they’re less reliable than Toyota and Honda, they’re more expensive to fix, they’re generally gas guzzlers, but damn do I feel cool driving around in my convertible mustang.  Also I love my Jeep.  You can have it when you pry it out of my cold dead fingers.


Are usually super dark, depressing, and morbid.  I don’t think they’re the end all be all of kids movies.  I’m confused about the need for another Toy Story.  Frozen was just okay (though the soundtrack was awesome).  Moana is the exception, not the rule.

Beauty and the Beast Meme


Oh gosh I’m going to catch a lot of hate for this one, I can feel it.  First we’ll tackle the cats.  I am not a cat person (if it makes you feel better, you can blame it on my allergies, which certainly have done nothing to endear them to me).  I find them really annoying (stop rubbing on my legs okay? it’s weird), I don’t trust them because even when they like you they bite you, and they all look like they are secretly plotting your death.

The Dark Lord

Okay, The Dark Lord is an extreme example.  But when a cat makes eye contact I usually want to duck and run.  I like watching funny cat videos as much as the next person… but I want the cats to stay in my computer screen.  I do not want them near me.

Puggles, Cockapoos, Labradoodles… these aren’t designer dog “breeds”.  They’re mutts.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  And honestly?  Mutts make the best dogs anyway.  They’re healthier because their inbred genes have had a chance to self-correct, they’re unique, and they can bring you just as much happiness as any other dog.


Meet Mickey.  He’s a Pugwawa.  Just kidding.  He’s a mutt.  Go ahead, tell me he’s not adorable.


I loathe baseball season.  I live in Rhode Island.  For those of you who don’t know, we’re the unfortunate bastard cousin of Massachusetts, and we are also not an island.

What that means is, every baseball season, I have to listen to baseball stats and Red Sox disappointments or Red Sox gloating, and I just don’t care.  I wish they’d stayed cursed.  There, I said it.


I’m a totally unapologetic Patriots fan, and football season is way too short.  I hope Brady never retires.

Patriots Superbowl Meme


Here it is.  The ultimate unpopular opinion.  I hate Facebook.  I have a profile… I don’t use it.  If I’m invited to a party via Facebook, I’ll *probably* get an email notifying me I was invited, to which I will look at the invitation, promptly delete the email, and move on with my life.  I don’t want to go to that party that badly, and if the host/hostess can’t be bothered to send me a text message to invite me, they clearly don’t want me there that badly.

I also don’t want to see all the memes and posts where people bemoan their existence or say things like ‘just put your faith in God’ or whatever other nonsense that pops into their head.  I don’t need a running garbage dump of their inner most thoughts.  They’re not as clever/funny/original/unfortunate as they think they are.  And listen- that’s not personal.  I’m not any of those things either.  That’s why I don’t use it (side note, maybe I just need better friends?). Also… Facebook is spying on you.  Have you seen that movie the Circle?  Just saying.

The Circle Gif

So go ahead, acid rain all over my unpopular opinion parade.  I can take it. But also, tell me some of your unpopular opinions so I can feel not so alone.

31 thoughts on “I’m Just Not That Into This… More Wildly Unpopular Opinions

  1. Totally agree on Facebook. I only use it now to look out for info on specific places I want to visit. I used to follow politics, baseball (not Red Sox!), and beer content on there, but the commenters are all so toxic I gave it up.

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  2. Love this post! First I have to comment on the shoe thing. I HATE SHOES TOO. Also I have really wide feet and it’s hard to find comfortable shoes. I go barefoot in the house, the minute I get home from work I take off my shoes, and I also only wear flip flops unless it’s really cold and I’ll wear boots. I grew up in the desert and was barefoot my whole childhood. I got used to walking on really hot sidewalks because I never wore shoes! I live in California so most of the year its comfortable to go barefoot.

    Also, I hate Facebook too. It’s really only ads these days anyway. And unfortunately I have Republican friends and have to listen to all the Trump love bullshit. I have unfriended so many friends these last two years😬

    Mickey is adorable!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thank you! I have wide feet too, so maybe that’s what our problem is? I call them hobbit feet (in the most loving way).

      And thank you! I am in no way impartial but I happen to think Mickey is a very handsome dog 😊.


  3. I only stay on Facebook because that’s the only place I have where I can get in touch with some of my friends. However, I make frequent use of the unfollow and mute options when people get too political (on either side) or hateful or just plain annoying.

    I’m with you on the shoes. Why would I want to spend hundreds of dollars on things that are uncomfortable and hurt my feet and are bad for my posture just because they look cute? No thank you. (Though, I also have family history of fallen arches, so I also have to be careful to properly support my feet. Luckily I’ve found flip-flops with arch support.)

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    • Nice!! I don’t think I have the arch support problem- like Tammy above my feet are really wide, and my toes are very long so shoes just don’t fit right.

      And I’m not knocking facebook- this post is meant to be funny more than anything else. But boy- some of those people sure do get tiresome!! Plus I don’t like it when people I haven’t talked to in a few years are sending me friend requests and such.


  4. Okay so whoever told you that you don’t need to see all the Marvel movies to get them is a fool. All they do is bounce jokes off of one another in some of the greatest acts of fan service ever to make this much money. As a fan though, I love it. BUT I also love, love Batman. The Dark Knight Trilogy was a formative part of my journey to becoming a cinephile and even Batman Begins certainly beats out a lot of Marvel productions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it was someone just trying to get me to see them and agree they were great. Even Deadpool if I remember correctly had cameos from other marvel heroes that I was clueless about.

      At the bare minimum- it definitely makes more sense if you’re a fan.

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    • Oh- I was also going to say, it really doesn’t matter how bad the Batman movies are, I’ll watch them anyway.

      Even the George Clooney one. Actually that one might be one of my favorites.

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  5. You know, it’s funny that you should describe Game of Thrones as predictably unpredictable because if it’s one opinion I have that I don’t think would sit well with other film fans, it’s that I feel the same way about a majority of A24’s productions. By being so vehemently anti-Hollywood, I know what to expect out of them, which is counterproductive for a studio that attempts to push boundaries. I think one of their problems is that they don’t come across as interested in seeking out an audience outside of critics and cinephiles, and while even good films can’t appeal to everyone, I question if deliberately hiding behind that philosophy and distancing oneself so far from the average filmgoer is wise.

    Also, from what I’ve heard Game of Thrones totally fell apart at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

      • No, they were behind films such as Hereditary and The Witch, which I feel placed a greater emphasis on style above substance. Granted, they were also behind legitimately good films such as Moonlight, Good Time, and The Disaster Artist, but otherwise, they’ve proven to be rather risk-adverse and safe. I feel that ever since the public dismissed Hereditary, they began buying into the “the audience sucks” philosophy driving today’s critics because a majority of their films have only received limited releases (and several months after their festival debuts on top of that), ensuring they leave practically no mark on pop culture. I’m really glad most mediums don’t operate this way because it never pays in the long term to underestimate the audience.


  6. I love this post! Sorry in advance for the long comment:
    1. Marvel vs DC is inevitable, and I can see why some of the films are unappealing. I recently realised I like Marvel more because the characters were created to be where they are (eg, bitten, science, big green hulk person through science?? Not sure how that worked tbh) whereas DC have characters who just… are. Bruce Wane is Batman, and there is Wonder Woman and Aqua Man. I personally love seeing how the characters progress but even I look at the franchise and go… wait, what?
    2. Shoes suck. End of discussion.
    3. I agree about Billie Eilish, I liked some of her music, but then she blew up and I found myself not really enjoying the stuff she released.
    4. GOT I never fully enjoyed as a book series (I know, a betrayal and my worst character flaw) but didn’t mind the series so much. I did prefer Vikings. though.
    5. I won’t talk about cars because I just want it to get me from A to B. I don’t know car breeds okay?!
    6. I have always loved Disney films, but then again I also loved the twisted Grimm tales where the films originated, so I guess that says something about me as a person?
    7. I love my cat, but he is a little shit because he attacks my socks. Evil bastard. I have two mutts and I love them, so no complaint there!
    8. Sport? Ha, no.
    9. I don’t like facebook? It sucks and I am scared of it, because I opened an account, and before I even put my details in, I had friend recommendations for ppl I know, and that is VERY SCARY!
    10. Yes! I love The Circle, although I feel that Mae from the books was a bit more realistic than the scripted version.

    Sorry for the long comment! I just loved all the points you made!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Sounds like we’re on the same page about a few of them! I don’t hate cats, I’m an animal lover- I just feel like the only bookish person who prefer dogs. I kind of felt bad about that point after I wrote it.

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  7. ahahaha same to all of this. i just don’t care about most main stream stuff. and I actually succumbed to the pressure just recently and finally got a facebook account last month, but i rarely check the app unless i get an important notif. and i like that i can use messenger to chat with friends or receive updates. besides that, i also don’t care for facebook at all 😂

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  8. Not a Marvel fan and not watching 500 movies to understand one of them LOL I totally relate to that one. I also don’t really care for shoes and I hate spending very much money on them.

    Designer dogs made me laugh because I have one. I have a chug – she’s a wee little Chihuahua/Pug mix and she’s the sweetest little thing every but you are totally right – she’s a mutt haha It’s just a way to suck some extra money out you when you get them. Also, I am much more a dog person – it’s not even close lol


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  10. I think it’s totally ok to like DC and not Marvel 😉 I also like to wear flip flops a lot (although I get pretty cold, so don’t wear them as much as I like) I think most people are in the same boat for game of thrones now… so you don’t need to feel bad at all 😉 (in the last couple of months I’ve gone from recommending it to everyone to saying to people who didn’t get into it “you had a lucky escape!”) I also kind of thought everyone hated facebook at this point? I guess I am so out of the loop that I think that just cos I hate it and don’t use it (except for messenger) that everyone thought it sucks LOL! But it really does suck- for all the reason you said and more! Awesome post- I had fun reading it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha!! Maybe it’s me who is out of the loop on Facebook! That’s how little I use it. I just never really got on the social media train. I never had a MySpace either, but aside from my reading habits I’m a pretty private person so it makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really relate- I was never into social media either- I didn’t have my space and only got facebook because my friend literally set it up for me (and it felt weird not taking ownership of a site with my name and face on it 😉 ) Yeah me too.


  11. The reason you didn’t like Game of Thrones was the reason I liked it. It was right when Thrones stopped being about political machinations so much that I got bored with it. You make an interesting point about it being predictable in its unpredictability. I think a lot of the shock value from the older seasons came from Martin breaking the usual rules of the genre, but by the time the Mountain vs. Viper fight comes around, it’s not that hard to figure out how it’s going to end.

    Could not agree more about Facebook, though. I still have a page there, but I haven’t logged in in several years now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A lot of people love the political scheming- and really I don’t blame them- I’m just the sort who’s more dazzled by battle and sword fights lol.

      And yeah Facebook- I log in once a month to check a message or a meme someone tagged me directly on, because those usually are funny, but that’s it. I’d never scroll a feed. (Is that even what they call it? I don’t know. Whatever the pooled updates are. Lol)

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