Bookish gifts for the bibliophile in your life. Or you know, for yourself.

Happy turkey day friends!  Eat lots of food, watch lots of football, and take a nap.  Or do like I do and ignore your family and curl up in the corner with a good book.  That works too.

Anyway, with Thanksgiving upon us, in America our heads all turn to another major holiday: Christmas!  So I put together a list of gift ideas for all the book lovers in your life.

Candles – You don’t have to be a book lover to appreciate a good candle, but being a reader might help you appreciate these candles just a tad more than others.

Library Candle by Homesick

Old Books by Frostbeard

Bubbling Potions by From the Page

Vintage book purses – Which unfortunately don’t look big enough to hold another book, but are still really cool!

Great Gatsby purse by Kathleen Scranton

Harry Potter handbag by Bookarelli

The Hobbit handbag by Novel Creations

Posters – I thought this was a fun idea for readers across all age groups!  All these posters were found on the shopping site Uncommon Goods.

Shakespearean Insults Poster

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

Heroic Girls in Literature Poster

Book inspired Tea – Okay so I’m not a tea drinker- I’m a coffee drinker.  But I’m in the minority.  This could be a really fun and affordable option for the tea lovers in your life.

HG Wells Inspired Tea by Literary Tea Co.

Ketterdam Inspired Tea by The Simply Bookish

Mary Shelley Inspired Tea by Literary Tea Company

eReader Covers – Because who doesn’t want their ebook to look like a physical book!

Pride & Prejudice Kindle Case by KleverCase

Game of Thrones Case from SuperBook

Beauty and the Beast by ChickLitDesigns

Of course- you could just give your bookish friend what they really want, which is more books!

32 thoughts on “Bookish gifts for the bibliophile in your life. Or you know, for yourself.

  1. Great post! Thank you for the suggestions ❤ Unfortunately, my family and I don't celebrate Thanksgiving and none of them read, but I'll keep these stuff in mind in case I want to treat myself, haha! Also, another bookish gift that seems sooo cool to me is a book-themed candle. I can just imagine how good some of them would smell!

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  2. That Heroic Girls in Literature poster is very cool! I love this list, and I even have some readers in my family so I may use some of these shopping ideas😁 Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving Sarah!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually love all those posters! That site had some other good ones too- definitely worth checking out if you have readers to gift to! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving too!


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