Book Review: The God Game by Danny Tobey

The God Game by Danny Tobey

Rating:  ★★★★

This book is so much fun from the moment you pick it up until the very last page. It’s a book about a group of teenaged friends who call themselves the Vindicators. They are the smart kids, enrolled in honors classes with dreams of ivy league schools. They code and belong to the robotics club.

And at the urging of a friend, they join in on a virtual reality dark web game called The God Game. Either you win or you die. But not really.. right?

At first the game seems harmless. It’s easy to earn gold and make the “good” choices (there are a lot of moral conundrums at play here). Gold can be traded for awesome stuff. But the game increases in difficulty.  Players can reap fantastic rewards, if only they’re willing to step on a few heads first.   They can also earn Blaxx.  A kind of strike against you that will lead to punishment if you accumulate too many.

I really enjoyed all the characters. They all have secrets to hide and are motivated by different things: romantic relationships, college, parents… The plot lines twist and turn and keep you guessing. As the players are sucked deeper and deeper into the game you wonder how they’ll ever make it out.

I was about halfway through the book when I realized how cleverly plotted it all was. I love when a book sets things up and circles back around to them later, and it was done brilliantly here. By the end, it will require some suspension of disbelief, which is why it wasn’t a full five star read for me.

A couple notes about style: this is a book with short chapters that jump between several POVs. For me, that style works perfectly, but I know it’s not for everyone. Though this is written about teenagers it’s also not a YA novel. I was surprised about how dark it all becomes, so content warnings: child abuse, domestic abuse, off screen animal abuse, self harm / suicide attempts, and general violence.

The God Game released on January 7, 2020 and can be found on GoodReads and Amazon.  Thank you to the publisher who sent an ARC for review.

14 thoughts on “Book Review: The God Game by Danny Tobey

      • I meant to respond to this the other day and didn’t apparently (even though I knew exactly what I was going to say).

        The characters here are definitely not heroes, and don’t ever become them! So you might give it a try, it was lots of fun.

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