32 thoughts on “Can’t Wait Wednesday: Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre by Max Brooks

    • Yeah- my mom always looks at me like I’m crazy when I turn on another Bigfoot show, but it’s sort of compulsory at this point. I just really really want it to be real!


  1. Agreed, I don’t believe but I want to. Except… I can’t find it in me to believe the “happy friendly cryptids” version. I think murder mermaids and killer ghosts are much more likely, if they exist. So maybe I don’t want to believe after all… 😉

    (That said, this book sounds too close to real-life horror for me, so I’ll just let you enjoy it and will watch from afar as you read it.)

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  2. Ooh, a Bigfoot story! 😀 I’m not as much a cryptozoology fan as you, but I do believe there’s something special about the Loch Ness monster, Sasquatch, or Yeti – even if they don’t exist, the sheer amount of beliefs surrounding them is amazing!

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  3. I’ve read that people who had the hard copy of WWZ hated it because the voices sounded to similar, but I am absolutely pro-audiobook for WWZ. I loved it.

    I remember seeing an interview with Max Brooks, who admitted that he is this terrified man, and the only reason he writes these books is to un-terrify himself. Like, he wrote the zombie survival guide book as an actual guide.

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    • Omg – I love that story! I didn’t have any idea. Stephen King has described himself as scared of everything too. I’m guessing they are good story tellers because of overactive imaginations.

      And I agree- I couldn’t fault the audio of WWZ even if the story wasn’t quite what I wanted. I think if I gave it a re-listen I’d love it a lot more than the first time I listened. The actors brought it to life and none of the voices sounded similar to me. (Literally and figuratively)


      • I remember the female pilot- that was on of my favorite sections. Is Alan Alda the one played by Mark Hamill? I really liked the one part featuring the blind man.


      • I just looked up his part and I don’t remember him at all. Maybe it’s time for a re-listen?! There was one particular part I kept tuning out for some reason and I feel like it might have been his. I rewound like 5 times and after the 5th time just gave up and moved forward. I was still learning to listen though so it’s not a reflection on him.

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  4. I loved reading Loch Ness monster, Sasquatch, Yeti, and Bigfoot books when I was a kid. I loved checking them out from the library. I didn’t believe in them even then but I loved the tv “documentaries” too. Other popular topics included missing civilizations like Jamestown and other unsolved things like the Bermuda Triangle. I loved the aliens built the pyramids ones too. I haven’t thought about such things in a very long time so this post made me nostalgic and smile a lot.
    x The Captain

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    • Haha- I’m glad it made you smile! I know you said you haven’t watched them in awhile but do you ever watch the Josh Gates show Destination Truth (off air now) or his new one Expedition Unknown? For me he’s the most believable Bigfoot/Yeti/Cryptid hunter out there, but I also just find him really entertaining.

      And I love all those mysterious legends too! The Lost Colony, Bermuda Triangle, hauntings… I enjoy all of them. Makes me feel like there is still some wonder left in the world.


    • You know-WWZ is one of those books that I like more in retrospect than I did at the time. I actually do love the audio- I just wasn’t good at listening and I was hoping for something a little more pre-apocalypse than post apocalypse if that makes sense. I do think it was well done and I’m excited about this!

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      • It’s weird- I frequently look back at ratings and ask myself what I was thinking. I can’t tell which of my instincts to trust- the “I just finished this and this is how I feel” moment or the “hey I remember that book- it was pretty good!” Moment. With the first you haven’t had as much time to process, with the second you’ve had some time to forget. It’s a double edged sword. 😂

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      • Yes, exactly. I think I get swayed by my emotions when I’m just finished a book, how it made me feel at the end. If I look back sometimes I can appreciate a book that didn’t work for me emotionally for certain things about it, or sometimes I realize a book I connected with was probably not that well written….but it’s all so subjective anyway, I try not to worry about it lol.


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