Overdue: Apologies and Book Reviews

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Hello friends!! I want to start by apologizing for disappearing out of the blue in such turbulent times, and thank those of you who reached out to check in.  We’re all safe and healthy, for which I am grateful.  I’ve been in a strange place- trying to homeschool my daughter and work full time while also feeling fairly isolated from other adult contact and feeling paranoid everytime I had to leave the house.

It didn’t make for a good time to read, and I ended up gaming and binging movies all weekend because I couldn’t focus enough to read.  I tried, and my eyes drifted off the page every two minutes. And then by the time I figured out I wasn’t going to be able to read any time soon and therefore wasn’t going to be able to blog any time soon – it felt like too much time had gone by to double back and put any sort of notice up.

So again- I’m sorry, but please know how much I appreciated it when you all reached out, if only to check in and say hi.

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That being said- I took a vacation a couple weeks ago, and was able to get a couple books read! And though I seem to have less reading time on my hands now that I’m back home I’m still trying to keep up.  I’m moving slower than I used to so bear with me if posts are still infrequent.

I have tons to catch up on, so I’m going to start with my long overdue review of:

Devolution: A Firsthand Account of the Rainier Sasquatch Massacre, by Max Brooks

Devolution by Max Brooks

Rating:  ★★★★

I posted a Can’t Wait Wednesday about Devolution back when I first heard about it- and that excitement never waned.  When I attempted to read over the past few months, this was the book I picked up.

It starts a little slow- an introduction to the world and the characters, their relationships with each other.  It took me until about the 25% mark to get into the unputdownable parts.  Is it a little over the top? Yeah.  Did I care?  Nope.

The sasquatch (es? what is the plural of sasquatch?!) in this book reminded me a lot of the creatures encountered in Michael Crichton’s Congo, and I ate up every second of it.  There was tree knocking and howls, rock throwing and glowing eyes in the dark.  It was exactly what I hoped for.

It was both similar and different to Max’s previous success, World War Z.  It’s similar in style – where WWZ was an oral retelling, this is told mostly in journal entries.  It’s different because it is told primarily from one POV – Kate’s. I found this style much better suited to my tastes, because with the journal entries felt like one cohesive, connected story, not bits and pieces of a much larger story.  There’s no knowing how or if Kate survived, only that her journal did.

There were parts that made me cringe away in horror and parts that had me holding my breath.  The atmosphere and tone were perfect.  I only deducted a star for the slow beginning.

If you liked WWZ, if you’ve ever wondered about the existence of sasquatch, I’d definitely recommend this! It’s a fun summer read with a creepy tone.  Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley who provided a free copy in exchange for a review.  Devolution can be found on GoodReads and Amazon.

If you read Devolution and I missed your review – please link to it below! I’d love to know what you thought.


24 thoughts on “Overdue: Apologies and Book Reviews

  1. I’m so glad you’re back, Sarah! These are tough times we’re in and I’ve had to force myself to read at times, which isn’t good. I’m glad you enjoyed Devolution, I’d love to read it some day😁

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    • I’m so happy to be back! I missed all my regular blogger friends and feel so out of the loop with everyone. You particularly have a couple reviews I think I need to catch up on- Wonderland and The Only Good Indians at a minimum.


  2. Oh, you’ve totally sold me on this book. While I never read Congo, I absolutely love the movie, and my dad and I still quote many of Delroy Lindo’s (SWOON) lines to each other. I’m so glad you wrote a post! I emailed you a couple of months ago to see if you were okay or if there was anything I could help with, or even just reach out as a fellow adult. Lately, I’ve been video chatting with lots of blog friends for the first time ever! If you’re interested in a grow-up people video chat, let me know and I’ll set it up!

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    • Oh I would love that! I’m so sorry I missed your email- I wouldn’t leave anyone hanging (especially not now with all this craziness).

      I’ve never actually read Congo either (though I own it and mean to correct that someday). I loved the movie though and this gave me those same sort of vibes. I hope you love it!


  3. Welcome back! No worry about being gone, these are weird times and I don’t blame you at all for finding other means of coping with them. I hope the vacation helped and you feel more able to keep up. No need to apologize for moving slow, though. Go at whatever pace you need to. 🙂

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    • It’s just such a weird time. You’d think I’d have more time on my hands- not less?! But There are so many good books coming up and I’m eager to dive into some of them. Also- just missed the blogging community in general.


      • But more time doesn’t always end up being used how you think it would! I thought, for example, that I’d spend a TON of time playing video games. But even though I love gaming, I just haven’t been in the mood most of the time. It’s only recently that I started gaming again, and for me that feels really weird. Still. I’m glad you’re back!

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      • Ooh- what are you playing? I’m still gaming a little. I need to finish the last of us 2. I got to a part where I was too scared to play and then went on vacation and still haven’t worked up the nerve to finish! Lol.


      • I never played DA2, and I’m not sure why. I LOVE the others, so this lack makes no sense to me.

        I think Ooblets is something a 7-year-old could play! Maybe with adult guidance at times, but I think it’s easily within reach of a 7yo gamer.


  4. Welcome back, Sarah! Glad to have you back, and glad to know you are doing well! 😀

    I finally did start AC2, but spent more time on going through many of the franchise comic books and art books than on playing 😉 Still, a great find all around, so thanks! 😊

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    • Haha- thank you Maddalena! I don’t know how it’s going to go when my daughter is back in school but if nothing else I’m going to aim for one book a week and a couple posts a week. Just something to keep me in the habit.

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    • It’s so much! And I only have the one kid! I can’t imagine what parents of 3 and 4 kids are going through. I appreciate the warm welcome back though- it’s been awesome reconnecting with everyone.

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