Hello there!  I’m Sarah- mother of one tiny human and one tiny dog. I aspire to quit my day job and become a professional reader. I love a good conspiracy theory. I have a garden but not a green thumb. I mostly read on my Kindle, but make a point of buying hard copies of the books I love.

My interests include: Vikings.

That’s it.

Ha! Just kidding.  That’s probably most of it though.  Ragnar, Uhtred, Ivar- have I mentioned I want to be Lagertha when I grow up?  I want to be Lagertha when I grow up.  My love of vikings started with a natural love of history, which actually segued nicely into fantasy, and eventually took me on to science fiction.

I also love video games, horses, food and philosophy.  I realize this is an odd combination.

Oh yeah- and I love really, really, bad B monster movies. (What’s that you say? They just released The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time? BRB!)

As for my reading tastes- well I’m a bit behind on the classics of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  My favorite kind of novel is the kind that makes you think, twists up your gut, chews up your insides, spits them out, then stomps on your heart for good measure.

Favorites include: The Green Mile by Steven King, Under the Dome, also by Steven King, The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, the Terra Ignota series by Ada Palmer, the Thessaly series by Jo Walton, The Moon and the Other by John Kessel, The Pillars of the Earth series by Ken Follett, and you know, like eight others.

My rating system is as follows:

★★★★★ – Loved it!  A keeper for sure.
★★★★ – Enjoyed it. Definitely worth reading.
★★★ – It was okay.  Some flaw in the novel kept me from fully investing.
★★ – I mostly disliked it.  Not worth reading.
★ – I hated it, and regret picking it up.

My average rating is currently 3.86



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