Book Reviews

Most of my reviews can be found on my GoodReads profile page.  For the ones that made it over to the blog, I’ve listed them here by author’s last name. (If for some reason part of a series I’ve read is on the blog, while the other half is on GoodReads, I’ve added links directly to the review on GoodReads and noted so after the title for simplicity’s sake.)


Abercrombie, Joe: A Little Hatred (The Age of Madness #1)

Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame: Friday Black


Barker, Pat: The Silence of the Girls

Bear, Elizabeth: Ancestral Night (White Space #1)

Beukes, Lauren: The Shining Girls

Bolander, Brooke: The Only Harmless Great Thing

Brodsky, Jordanna Max: The Wolf in the Whale

Butcher, Jim: Storm Front (The Dresden Files #1)


Castell, Sebastien de: Spellslinger (Spellslinger #1) [GoodReads]

Castell, Sebastien de: Shadowblack (Spellslinger #2)

Castell, Sebastien de: Traitor’s Blade (Greatcoats #1)

Chaboute, Christophe: Alone

Chbosky, Stephen: Imaginary Friend

Christo, Alexandra: Into the Crooked Place (Into the Crooked Place #1)

Clark, P. Djeli: The Black God’s Drums

Cornwell, Bernard: War of the Wolf (The Saxon Stories #11)

Cornwell, Bernard: Sword of Kings (The Saxon Stories #12)

Crain, Caleb: Overthrow

Crichton, Michael: State of Fear


Danielewski, Mark Z.: House of Leaves

Delaney, Samuel: Babel-17

Driscoll, Teresa: I Will Make You Pay

Duncan, Emily: Wicked Saints


Erdrich, Louise: Future Home of the Living God


Fforde, Jasper: Early Riser

French, Jonathan: The Grey Bastards (The Lot Lands #1)

Feeney. Alice: Sometimes I Lie


Glass, Cate: An Illusion of Thieves (Chimera #1)

Golding, William: Lord of the Flies

Gratton, Tessa: The Queens of Innis Lear

Guggenheim, Marc: Stephen King’s N.


Hanrahan, Gareth: The Gutter Prayer (The Black Iron Legacy #1)

Harrow, Alix E.: The Ten Thousand Doors of January

Headley, Maria Dahvana: Queen of Kings

Headley, Maria Dahvana: The Mere Wife

Heaney, Seamus: Beowulf Translation

Hickey, Greg: Our Dried Voices

Hill, Joe: Welcome to Lovecraft (Locke & Key Vol. 1)

Hill, Joe: Head Games (Locke & Key Vol. 2)

Hill, Joe: Crown of Shadows (Locke & Key Vol. 3)

Hoffman, Ada: The Outside

Howey, Hugh: Half Way Home


James, Marlon: Black Leopard, Red Wolf (The Dark Star Trilogy #1)

Jemisin, N.K.: How Long ‘Til Black Future Month?


Kade, Kel: The Fate of the Fallen (The Shroud of Prophecy #1)

Kessel, John: The Moon and the Other

King, Stephen: Pet Sematary

King, Stephen: The Institute

King, Stephen: The Stand

Kova, Elisa: The Alchemists of Loom (Loom Saga #1)

Kowal, Mary Robinette: The Calculating Stars (The Lady Astronaut #1)

Kowal, Mary Robinette: The Fated Sky (The Lady Astronaut #2)

Kristian, Giles: Blood Eye (Raven #1) [Guest post at On My Bookshelf]

Krueger, Paul: Steel Crow Saga


Lapena, Shari: The Couple Next Door

Lawrence, Mark: One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1)

Lawrence, Mark: Limited Wish (Impossible Times #2)

Lawrence, Mark: Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire #1)

Leckie, Ann: The Raven Tower

Lyga, Barry: The Hive


Martine, Arkady: A Memory Called Empire (Teixcalaan #1)

McCarthy, Cormac: Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

McCarthy, Cormac: The Road

McDonald, Ian: New Moon (Luna #1)

McDonald, Ian: Wolf Moon (Luna #2) [GoodReads]

McDonald, Ian: Moon Rising (Luna #3)

McDonald, Ian: Time Was

Mehrotra, Rati: Mahimata (Asiana #2)

Mieville, China: Kraken

Mieville, China: The Last Days of New Paris

Miller, Madeline: Circe


Neuvel, Sylvain: The Test


Obreht, Tea: Inland

Ogawa, Yoko: The Memory Police

Older, Malka Ann: Infomocracy (The Centenal Cycle #1)

Older, Malka Ann: Null States (The Centenal Cycle #2)

Otis, Abbey Mei: Alien Virus Love Disaster


Palmer, Ada: Too Like the Lightning (Terra Ignota #1)

Palmer, Ada: Seven Surrenders (Terra Ignota #2)

Palmer, Ada: The Will To Battle (Terra Ignota #3)

Phillips, Helen: The Need

Pike, Signe: The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy #1)

Polk, C.L.: Witchmark (The Kingston Cycle #1)


Racculia, Kate: Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts

Rushdie, Salman: Quichotte

Ryan, Anthony: A Pilgrimage of Swords


Scorza, Nick: People of the Lake

Sepetys, Ruta: The Fountains of Silence

Shannon, Samantha: The Priory of the Orange Tree

Shelley, Mary: Frankenstein: The 1818 Text

Solomon, Rivers: The Deep

Starling, Caitlin: The Luminous Dead

Stephenson, Neal: Atmosphaera Incognita

Stevenson, Noelle: Nimona

Sveistrup, Soren: The Chestnut Man


Tchaikovsky, Adrian: Walking to Aldebaran


VanderMeer, Jeff: Annihilation (Souther Reach #1) [GoodReads]

VanderMeer, Jeff: Authority (Southern Reach #2)

VanderMeer, Jeff: Acceptance (Southern Reach #3)

Vaughan, Brian K.: Saga Vol. 1

Vaughan, Brian K.: Saga Vol. 2

Vaughan, Brian K.: Saga Vol. 3 [GoodReads]

Vaughan, Brian K.: Saga Vol. 4-6

Vaughn, Carrie: Bannerless (The Bannerless Saga #1)


Wallace, Kali: Salvation Day

Walters, Damien Angelica: The Dead Girls Club

Walton, Jo: The Just City (Thessaly #1)

Walton, Jo: The Philosopher Kings (Thessaly #2)

Walton, Jo: Necessity (Thessaly #3)

Wellington, David: The Last Astronaut

Wendig, Chuck: Wanderers

Wilde, James: The Time of the Wolf (Hereward #1)

Wilson, Kai Ashante: A Taste of Honey

Winters, Ben: Golden State


Yong, Jin: A Hero Born (Legends of the Condor Heroes #1)